Masterworks is a Professional Lighting Design Service. It is a company for those wanting value from design. It was established to transform lighting technology and vision with creative talent and complete service into a memorable visual experience in concert lighting design.

Services, which are outlined below, along with the the company’s philosophy, are applied with all customers, for large or small requests, with price conscious fairness and integrity.

Chronological Order of Services:

  • Meeting or site survey to determine the vision and subsequent equipment requirements
  • Prepare written proposal containing a calendar, organizational plan, equipment suggestions and pricing estimates
  • Agree terms of performance
  • Develop concepts into CAD and or, 3-D rendering
  • Retain continuity until final plans are approved
  • Order all equipment for sales or rental, and organize delivery to schedule
  • Communicate with relative production staff
  • Masterworks supervises, on-site, during delivery and set up for all productions
  • Direct lighting programming sessions
  • Execute show/event
  • Proactively contribute until successful completion