The Purpose of Masterworks is to provide a unique solutions lighting design and visual presentation service. It acts to connect innate talent, broad practiced skills, technical knowledge and winning attitude with the production’s visionaries. It guarantees a smooth concept to reality experience. The result aims to produce the ultimate WOW factor for the audience and viewers.


Innate Talent ~ you either have a creative flair or you don’t. If you are an academic, you don’t wake up one day and say that you’ll be a designer ~ it is in you or it’s not. Being able to technically use tools of the trade is only one aspect of design. To combine technical tools with natural and practiced attention-to-detail sensitivities is what separates a good designer from a great one. A great designer is passionate.

Attention to Detail ~ The type of fixture that is selected, projection/video, lighting angles, and color combinations are elementary palette issues. But if the designer carefully integrates the lighting in a television scene and a corporate exhibit or executes synchronized and scripted changes in live shows, lighting can significantly impact the experience dramatically or sometimes, sub-consciously. That’s okay — subliminal feelings are all part of the theatrical magic that a great lighting design can create.

Unique Solutions means that Masterworks uses all of tools of the trade available, with thorough understanding of the current marketplace, and knowledgeably selects them to suit the needs of each show or event.

The Caveat with technical advancement is that the desired “new tech” tools wanted and those that are available may be two different things, owing to budgetary constraints or any number of preclusions. Knowledge and experience is then used to adapt and produce the best possible result. There is always a solution.

Knowledge and Experience has evolved from combination of years in commercial business study and practice, extensive architectural illumination research and, theatrical lighting practice under diverse conditions in worldwide venues with an assorted cast of characters.

A Winning Attitude relates to devotion of a goal ~ the outcome ~ regardless of its obstacles. It’s how the designer reacts to incorporating a last minute idea — with either gracious diplomacy or contempt; and reaction to difficulty, which can either bring comfort to a team of people or create unnecessary chaos and drama.

The Outcome is what the audience ultimately sees, considers part of their experience and will remember. It is what the artist or the CEO will remember. An example of a great outcome is a Cirque du Soleil.