RE: Heaven & Hell Tour 2007

I’ve told many people how awesome your Heaven and Hell stage set looked.

I’ve always said over the years, “The only lighting designer I ever learned anything from worth a damn was Paul Dexter.” And I truly mean that. If anyone looked at the pics on my Photo Gallery at my website, they’d have to be blind to not see the Paul Dexter influence in my work. But we all learn from someone and then develop our own style. But I learned as a kid from one of the best. Thank you.

~ Mark Workman
Lighting Designer – Testament, Slayer

RE: REO Speedwagon Tour 2007, Set Design and Lighting Design


Congratulations on your designs; best REO has ever looked.

~ Tom Consolo
Artist Manager
REO Speedwagon

Having had first hand knowledge of Paul Dexter’s immense talent and care for his clients, I’m pleased to learn that his new enterprise, Masterworks Lighting, will be available to everyone who desires imagination and world-class treatment in the construction and use of their visual presentations. His attention to detail, “nothing is impossible” attitude, and proven track record will most certainly be the key that opens the door to your needs and then reach even farther beyond them. Let there be light!

~ Ronnie James Dio

RE: July 2007 Live Design Magazine Article “The Heaven and Hell of Show Construction”.

Hi Paul,

I just finished reading your article in Live Design. First, I’d like to thank you for having us along and being part of your project…for that we can’t thank you enough! Secondly, I usually don’t read the articles in the trade magazines…they tend to be a bit drab. I’m usually lost by the third paragraph and find myself looking at the pictures. In this case, I’m asking you to write a book….I can’t begin to imagine the stories you have to tell! Your article ended all to soon, I found myself wanting to read more.

Again, thank you for having us along…..I look forward to the rest… of the rest of your story!


~ Fred Waldman
CW Productions

2619 East 8th Street
Los Angeles, Ca. 90023

RE: The 2006 Art Center Design Conference

When I met with Paul Dexter to discuss my need for a flexible, cost-effective yet “radical” lighting solution to fit the theme of our conference, I was pretty sure he had proposed a doable solution. What I was not prepared for was the level of creativity clearly driving the end result. I literally walked into the tent and felt giddy with excitement! It was beautiful! Unpredictable! Versatile! And best of all…Radical! I was overwhelmed with the options presented for customizing the effects right on-site. The lighting structure and artistic application of lighting effects transformed the space into something new with each event!

The lighting solution transformed a standard rental tent space into something that was at once elegant as an Japanese teahouse, ethereal as fog shifting on the moors, and as unpredictable and exciting as a Las Vegas show! How did you do that?

I was transfixed by the continuous yet subtle changes in both color and form displayed by the lighting, but it was the presence of the lighting structures themselves that transformed an ordinary tent into an intriguing architectural space of excitement and surprise. Radical!

~ Ellen Starr, Conference Director
The 2006 Art Center Design Conference: Stories from the Source: Radical Craft

I first became aware of Paul Dexter after reading a Celebrity Access article detailing his vast accomplishments in the field of lighting design. My label, Warrior Records, had been working the past 6 months on the debut album of indie rock artist, The Thornbirds. Based in L.A., they had been developing their live show and were now starting a regular headlining gig at the Roxy on Sunset.

I wanted to elevate the look and mood of their upcoming concerts and after reading about Paul’s extensive background, he seemed the perfect choice to approach about possibly getting involved. Initially, there was a little trepidation on my part in contacting him, as The Thornbirds are a true grass roots effort by my company and I know that Paul is used to working with more established artists. But, after meeting with him and the band, we immediately knew that Paul just got it. He jumped right in, designed a plan for the show, and graciously worked within our budget parameters.

The night of the Thornbirds’ Roxy show far exceeded all expectations with Paul’s innovative lighting design perfectly complimenting the Thornbirds’ music. His professionalism, both creatively and personally, was apparent from start to finish and we look forward to working with Paul again in the near future.

~ Jim Ervin
Warrior Records
A division of L.A. Entertainment, Inc.